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About the “Phoenix” company

The company "Phoenix" is one of the leaders of the North-western region in production of laminated glass for a variety of industries and the national economy.

Laminated glassLaminated glass - this one of achievements of front-rank technologies in the field of the industrial processing of glass. This category unites in itself the large area of their use. Laminated glass can act as protection against fire (fire-resistant glassPyrofen I and Pyrofen II, Pyrobel), improving sound insulation rating and hardening of construction (jellied triplex), the design decision (pellicle triplex) and heating. Thus in itself laminated glass don't pose threat for health since isn't capable to do an injury from sharp splinters.

Exactly caring about safety of man is the basis of our production. We understand that her providing is guaranteed only by the use of proven, passed multi-stage checking of technologies and equipment. All the products we produce meet state standards and legislation, Laminated glass - triplexthere are certificates of conformity and certificate Maritime Register, which allows us to produce glass illuminator porthole with electro heating.

In the work we are oriented on the experience, which accumulated in the field of glass business, attentively watch after the last developments in area of industry, and also we engage in a continuous search and perfection of our production. Today a company "Phoenix" is a developer and exclusive proprietor of row of the patented technologies allowing to us to produce products unique on the properties.

Our company offers the following types of laminated and fire-prevention glass:

Laminated fire-prevention glass Pyrofen I and Pyrofen II

- Laminated Pyrofen I and Pyrofen II fire-prevention glass. This type of glass has found wide application for interior and exterior glazing (in double-glazing) for various premises - shopping and business centers, public buildings and institutions. During the construction of the objects assuming high pass ability and a mass congestion of people increased requirements measures of fire safety. Pyrofen glass able to hold the heat source for 15-60 minutes, not allowing the fire to spread beyond it.

Laminated fire-prevention glass Pyrobel

Laminated fire-prevention glass Pyrobel.  This glass prevents the spread of fire and heat transfer from the fire area to a safe area , has a minimum optical distortion maximum light transmission and long service life . When the room temperature is above 120 degrees, changing its physical properties, and turns into an opaque rigid walling, retaining its integrity.

Laminated glass - triplex: jellied and film

Triplex: jellied and film. Perhaps the most popular kind of glass today. Triplex is used for glazing facades, roofs, as insulating glass, construction of office partitions, decoration, etc. Unlike ordinary glass, triplex shows higher mechanical strength, noise and heat insulation.

Electrically heated glazing

Electrically heated glazing. Heated Triplex provides uniform heating of the entire area of the glass By applying an electrical voltage. It can be used both in a laminated glass and as a part of a glazed glass, depending on the purpose. It creates a comfortable indoor climate and can act as a primary or supplementary heating. Also used in the glazing of roofs, skylights and canopies.

Glass for marine windows and wheelhouse windows

The company "Phoenix" produces glass for marine windows and wheelhouse windows in accordance with TU №5923-003-39426809-2015, RMRS approved in March 2015, GOST 9424-79 and GOST 21672-99. The enterprise has obtained a certificate of recognition from the manufacturer RMRC.

The list of products manufactured for marine windows and wheelhouse windows:

  1. Tempered glass for portholes round and square from 6 mm to 15 mm passed certification tests according to technical conditions and Standard 9424-79. the round tempered glass is an existing storage position (H & T)
  2. Glass portholes electrically heated for thickness from 10 mm to 27 mm waterproofing the end portion of the glass in accordance with Standard 21672-99 and specifications.
  3. Laminated glass with special properties (safety, fire, etc) according to specifications, the thickness of 7 mm or more.
  4. Double-glazed windows for the portholes in the composition of which may include the above-mentioned glass, depending on the specification.

Own production allows us to take an individual approach to solving production problems and make products in strict accordance with the wishes of customers.

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