Glass for the portholes

Glass for the portholesGlass for marine portholes and wheelhouse windows

The company "Phoenix" produces glass for marine portholes and wheelhouse windows in accordance with TS №5923-003-39426809-2015, RMRS approved in March 2015, GOST 9424-79 and GOST 21672-99. The enterprise has received a certificate of recognition from the manufacturer RMRS in 2015.

The list of production made for ship windows and the wheelhouse windows:

  1. Glass for marine portholes and wheelhouse windowsGlasses porthole tempered round and rectangular from 6 mm to 15 mm passed certified tests according to TU and GOST 9424-79. On the round tempered glasses there is a warehouse position (ZIP).
  2. Glasses electrically-heated for windows from 10 mm to 27 mm thick with a waterproofing of face part of glass according to TU and GOST 21672-99.
  3. Laminated glasses with special properties (protective, fire-resistant, etc.) according to TU, from 7 mm thick and more.
  4. Double-glazed windows for portholes, which can be a part of above-mentioned glass depending on the specification, which can be.

In manufacturing of portholes glass can be used matt glass, colored in the mass (gray, bronze, etc.), or the laminating film of different colors and destination.

The size and geometry of the glass for portholes windows are discussed individually for specific customer requirements.

For delivery in various regions of Russia, all types of glass are packed into boxes for transport.

Our staff is always ready to assist in solving technical problems related to products manufactured by the enterprise.

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