Electro heating glass for portholes windows

Electro heating glass for portholes windows

The company "Phoenix" manufactures electrically-heated glasses for porthole windows and the wheelhouse windows according to No. 5923-003-39426809-2015 TU, approved by RMRS in 2015, GOST 9424-79 and GOST 21672-99. The enterprise received the certificate on recognition of the manufacturer of the Russian Maritime register of shipping in 2015.

Electrically heated multilayer porthole window thickness of 10 mm to 16 mm accompanied by a passport only quality, and the glass thickness of 16 mm to 27 mm - evidence RMRS.

Electrically heated glass for porthole windows allow to exclude possibility of frosting in the conditions of low ambient temperature and to get rid of condensate on an internal surface of glasses. For protection against an overheat electrically heated porthole glass is equipped with devices of restriction of temperature (thermostats).

According to TU, all electrically heated porthole glass made with waterproofing layer thickness + 1.2 mm of the end of the glass.

Connecting the power supply (voltage of 127V, 220V and 380V) through standard connectors located in hermetic case with a thermostat to control the degree of heating of the glass.

All dimensions and geometry of the glass are specified individually for specific customer requirements.

At registration of the order for electrically-heated glass for porthole windows it is specified in the demand:

  1. Length, height, thickness (sketch) - electrically-heated glass
  2. Radius of a curve of corners.
  3. Tension in the connected power supply network.
  4. A conclusion arrangement on glass for connection to the power supply network.

Our staff can also help with the design of application-specific products, which in turn simplifies the acceptance of the order and manufacture the product.

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