Laminated glass for marine windows

The company "Phoenix" manufactures laminated glass for marine windows and wheelhouse windows in accordance with TU № 5923-003-39426809-2015 approved in 2015godu RMRS, GOST 9424-79 and GOST 21672-99.

Laminated glass - is a composition of two or more glasses connected by a layer of special resin (gel) or PVB film. Depending on the purpose subdivided into types:

  • Elektroobogrevnye;
  • Safety;
  • Fire;
  • Bulletproof.

Glasses of various multi-purpose thickness of 7 mm to 16 mm accompanied by a passport only quality, porthole glass thickness of 16 mm - a testament RMRS.

All dimensions and geometry of the glass are specified individually for specific customer requirements.

When ordering multilayered porthole glass in the order are indicated :

  1. The length, height, thickness (sketch), further specification of the laminated glass
  2. The radius of the corners.

Our staff can also help with the design of application-specific products, which in turn simplifies the acceptance of the order and manufacture the product.

To order products, know the exact price and terms of manufacturing of a product, as well as ask all the questions you can call by phone in St. Petersburg: 335-23-91

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