Pyrobel glass

Completely clear laminated fireproof glass obtained by connecting float glass sheets over the entire surface with special intermediate layers. In case of fire, at a temperature above 120 ° C, intermediate layers change their physical characteristics and the glass turns into a rigid and opaque protective structure enabling glazing to maintain its integrity and insulation capacity. Integrity means the absence of cracks or through-holes through which penetrate the protected area to combustion products or flames. The ability not to break ensures that fire and combustion products do not spread to adjoining areas, stairs, floors or buildings. The ability to prevent heat transfer to the space to be protected to avoid the danger of ignition of flammable materials located on the protected side.

Distinctive features of Pyrobel:

  • the fireproof glass answering to criteria of integrity and thermal insulation;
  • the transparent glass which isn't causing optical distortions. Unlike the armored glass in structure of Pyrobel there is no wire, and its light-transmitting ability is comparable with pure float-glass;
  • the safety glass meeting the requirements of the European BS6206 standard;
  • has high insulating properties;
  • it is initially designed for internal vertical application, but also it can be used and for an external single or double glazing;
  • it can be used in the special designs including the sun-protection, low-issue, figured or painted in weight glasses;
  • can be a part of anti-vandal and bullet-proof glasses;
  • is issued in sheets of rectangular, rectilinear or curvilinear forms;
  • it can be easily established in the majority of fire-resistant partitions and doors.