Fire-prevention glass Pyrobel 8

Fire-prevention Pyrobel 8 glass — laminated glass with colorless intumescent layer. In case of fire this layer changes the physical characteristics and glass turns into the rigid and opaque protective design allowing a glazing to keep integrity and heat insulation. Fire-prevention glass Pyrobel 8/8 EG provides two-way protection.

Technical characteristics of the PIROBEL 8 fire-prevention glass:

  • According to GOST 53308-2009
  • Fire-resistant glazing of E30 I15 W30

* (E) integrity. guarantees lack of through cracks or openings through which the flame and products of burning can penetrate;
    (I) the heat-insulating ability, prevents the transfer of heat to the protected space by the radiation
   (W) limiting the density of heat flow

Fire resistance limit:

  • Integrity — 30 minutes
  • Heat insulation — 15 minutes
Specifications EI15 / EW30  

Type of glazing


Use of


Thickness 9,3 mm
Thickness tolerance ± 1 mm
Weight  20 kg/m2
Tolerance for overall dimensions  ±2 mm
Light transmission (EN 410) xu / pv  88/8
The heat transfer coefficient (EN 673)  5,6 Вт/m2.K
Safety class (EN 12600) 

Class NPD

The sound reduction index (EN 12758) Rw (C; Ctt)  34 (-1; -3) dB