Laminated fire-prevention glass Pyrofen I-60

Laminated fire-prevention glass Pyrofen I-30, which is in its characteristics meet the requirements of technical specifications TU 5923-001-39426809-2014 and intended for use in vertical glazing indoors. It is capable to provide volume thermal insulation with the ignition center within 60 minutes and to keep the integrity at influence of an open flame more than 60 minutes. Product thickness is 27mm. When using fire-prevention glasses for an external glazing, they are installed as a part of a package, with orientation of fire-prevention glass in the room.

Characteristics Image
E* 60   Laminated fire-prevention glass Pyrofen I-60
I* 60
W* 60
Glass thickness 3мм
Minimum size 300*400
Max. size 1250*1600
Weight of 1 square meter, kg. 60 кг
Operating temperature 0 / +40
Light Transmission, % 60
Safety class СМ4

* (E) integrity. guarantees lack of through cracks or openings through which the flame and products of burning can penetrate;
    (I) the heat-insulating ability, prevents the transfer of heat to the protected space by the radiation
   (W) limiting the density of heat flow

Attention! Since April 1, 2015 company "Phoenix", due to the technological features of production, introduces new restrictions on the production of fire-resistant laminated glass Pyrofen I

  • The minimum sizes 300 x 400 mm;
  • The maximum area of a product is 2,0 sq.m, with a maximum side length of 1600 mm.

Prices for laminated fire-prevention fire-resistant glass Pyrofen I-60

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