Fire-prevention fireproof glass Pyrofen II-30

Fire-prevention Pyrofen II-30 glass according to the characteristics conforms to requirements of specifications of TU-5923-002-39426809-2014 and is intended for use indoors at not normalized installation angle. Glass block (5.5.3) consists of two tempered glasses thickness 5mm, between them the polymeric layer thickness 3mm, has a limit of fire resistance of E60 I30 W60. General thickness of a product 13mm.

New technologies in the production of fire-resistant glass

When using fire-prevention glasses for an external glazing, they are installed as a part of a double-glazed window with orientation to the room. Glass has excellent heat-shielding properties, maintains its integrity in case of fire, no breaks upon contact with water from the automatic fire suppression systems. Production successfully passed tests and the certificate of conformity No. SSRP-RU.PB74.N.00039 is received in 25.08.2014.

Characteristics Images
E* 60 Fire-prevention fireproof glass Pyrofen II-30




I* 30
W* 60
Thickness of the glass 5 mm


Thickness 13 mm
Min. size 400*200
Max. size 4000*2200
Weight per square meter, kilos 31
Operating temperature -15/+50
Resistance to ultrofiolet  resistant
Protection class СМ4
Mounting angle not rated

* (E) integrity. guarantees lack of through cracks or openings through which the flame and products of burning can penetrate;
    (I) the heat-insulating ability, prevents the transfer of heat to the protected space by the radiation
   (W) limiting the density of heat flow

Prices for laminated fire-prevention fire-resistant glass Pyrofen II-30

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