Single chamber double glazed window as part of a heated triplex

Electrically-heated triplex as separate element of a construction and as a part of a double-glazed window, significantly increases sound insulation, an anti-vandal translucent design can also be combined with a variety of special features - sun protection, self-cleaning surfaces, high heat insulation and so forth.

Especially reasonably to use double-glazed windows with the heated triplex in the following cases:

  • For creation of comfortable conditions indoors due to heating of internal glass to temperature 15-20 C. Specific power of heating is 50-150 W / sq.m
  • As additional or main source of heating. Thus the temperature of glass reaches 40-60 C With at the specific power of 200-400 Watts. / Sq.m
  • To remove snow and ice from the surface of the roof structure. The required heating power density of up to 600 W / sq.m.

When the glass in the double glazed window is heated to a temperature of 40 ° C at a power of 1 m to 300 W / h. this comparable to the energy consumption of household light bulb.

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