Heated triplex

Electrically heated glass (heated triplex) - a laminated glass triplex, which includes a glass with a conductive coating, fulfilling the function of the heating element. Glasses interconnected photocurable resin composition. When AC is applied coating enables uniform heating of the entire area of the window. The heating temperature of the glass may be different and depending on the purpose of our specialists will select for you the optimum temperature.

Electrically heated glass is subjected to compulsory thermal hardening (hardening) and subsequent laminating, so is safe to use in all glazing systems. In order to ensure electrical heating, electrically conductive coating is always inside the triplex. When it comes the destruction of electrical coating the disconnection of ruling out the possibility of electric shock.

Electrically heated glass has a very wide range of applications and can act as a primary or as an additional source of heating:

  • Winter gardens and greenhouses
  • Rooflights and canopies (to melt snow and ice)
  • Partitions
  • Windows and balconies

Electrically heated glass with heated triplex allow you to create not only comfortable conditions for life, but reduce the cost of heating system generally.

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