Film triplex

Our company except laminated glass by jellied technology, manufactures laminated glass by film technology - film triplex.

In general terms, the film triplex is a laminated composition of two or more glasses of interconnected film of ethylene (EVA). Film Triplex is safe because the destruction of the glass remains on the film (shatterproof), moisture resistance, has improved optical properties and reduces the level of the audio stream to 45 dB.

The basic formula of film triplex is as follows:

S1 + 0.38mm+ S2

Where S1 and S2 - glass thickness ved optical properties and reduces the level of the audio stream to 45 dB.

Triplex of this type produced in a special vacuum chamber. The process itself is automatic. During manufacture, the film is melted and thus occurs bonding glass between each other.

Using this technology, please contact:

  • triplex with colorless glass;
  • triplex with tempered glass;
  • triplex with colored glass;
  • triplex with decorative inserts;
  • matt triplex.

To order products, know the exact price and terms of manufacturing of a product, as well as ask all the questions you can call by phone in St. Petersburg: 335-23-91

At the request of the customer additional operations can be executed:

  • processing of edges of the products;
  • grinding of triplex glass;
  • polishing of triplex glass;
  • drilling holes in the glass triplex.

Thus, the film triplex with EVA film is used in architecture and in the decoration.