Jellied triplex

Jellied triplexthe laminated glass connected among themselves by the photocured polymeric structure. Surpasses film triplex in quality, sound insulation, durability and a class of safety. 
By production use of glass of various structure is possible: transparent float glass, mirror, tinted and matt glass. For giving of special durability it is possible to use the tempered glass and to increase thickness of a finished product.

An important advantage of laminated glass filler - increased strength of the glass and construction, which is protected from any external influence. As compared with conventional glass, laminated glass is classified as safe. When you hit the triplex broken, but not crumble, while holding large splinters on the resin.

Due to the composition and varying thickness, triplex has a higher thermal resistance and greater sound insulation ability. Our company manufactures laminated using two kinds of resin: A-resin and S-resin.

A-resin is a sound-absorbing and translucent, allows to receive translucent designs with enhanced sound insulation. The use of jellied triplex with the resin in the composition of the glass allow to reach sound insulation index of up to 50 dB.

Triplex using special hardening resin - S-translucent resin allows to obtain structures with improved strength and thereby improves the performance by the class of security.

Ordering laminated glass we have you get competent advice on the use of a particular type of triplex depending on its further use.

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