The company "Phoenix" uses only the most modern high-tech equipment to create designs of glass that meet the criteria of safety and quality standards. We offer the following services for the production and processing of glass:

Production of laminated glass

Production of laminated glassProduction of multi-layer fire resistant glass requires a specially equipped placement, availability of technology and trained personnel.

The "Phoenix" company has it all: modern plant for the production of multi-layer fire resistant glass, lines for the manufacture of fire resistant glass in St. Petersburg, qualified specialists with innovative technologies. In our work we use high quality raw materials from proven manufacturers.

Thanks to what we have achieved excellent results in the production of laminated glass in St. Petersburg. Made of "Phoenix" laminated glass is certified and complies with international standards. Production of laminated glass - our calling card.

Processing of the edges of glass and drilling

Processing of the edges of glass and drillingProcessing of the edges of glass is needed:

  • To reduce the residual stresses.
  • To ensure the safe operation of the product - in fact in the process of cutting glass are sharp corners and edges, which represent a serious threat.
  • To create an aesthetic effect. Edging of glass helps eliminate irregularities, inaccurate and chipped mask other defects arising in the process of cutting glass. Thanks to this operation, glassware given logical completeness and visual harmony.
  • To increase the strength of the product. As a result, the cutting edge to form tiny glass chips and cracks, which can later cause the destruction of the product. Processing of edges helps to eliminate these shortcomings.
  • For the preparation of the glass for further use - for example, to assemble in the product.

Processing of the edges of glass and drillingDepending on the further use of glass, the following types of processing: blunting, grinding and polishing.

  • Blunting the edge of the glass - is the removal of sharp, cutting corners;
  • Sanding edges of the glass - a dullness and education trapezoidal (euroedge) form, where the surface of the edge becomes dull.
  • Polishing glass edge - giving a trapezoidal, where the surface becomes transparent.

We process including the edge of laminated glass.

However, processing of the edges of laminated glass has its own specifics. Our equipment can handle virtually any edge glass thickness.

Drilling holes in the glassDrilling holes in the glass

Glass - brittle material which requires extremely delicate handling. Drilling through holes in the glass - is one of the most complex operations for processing glass, which is practically impossible to achieve, without having special equipment. However, without the installation of the mounting holes is not possible accessories, the connection details of the construction,  converting the glass sheet into a full product.

We carry out drilling holes in the glass of any thickness, regardless of its specifics. The diameter of the holes may vary according to the destination of the product.